UZIMAG #1 Tokyo Brainstorm

An audio-visual essay of the weird and wonderful creative Tokyo scene.


Concept artist and painter. His Electronic Insect Collecting Kit looks like a real insect collector but collects 1-second-samples of telephone calls and stores them inside a laptop on his back. The samples are then used later in art installations where they seem to fly around like insects in the room. Took 10 years to develop fully. Next project is called Video Gun and is meant to look like a real gun. The gun will sample photo/video shoots of people in the city. The different colours of the images will be transformed into trees. The gun is inspired by ethnical wars, different skin tones and social problems with mobile phone cameras. Haruki has a complicated relationship with Pachinko-machines. He says they are both nice and gives him a "sneaky feeling".

2005 / 38 min / PAL / Region free.